Celebrating Women in Engineering

Join Dr Holly Shorney-Darby, PWNT’s Head of Technology Application and Piloting, at this SIWW2021 special commemorating “International Women in Engineering Day” on 23 June 2021.

This session, on 23 June 2021, 14:00 Singapore time, features outstanding female engineers sharing their early beginnings in engineering, challenges and highlights of their career journey, how they made their mark in the water industry and how they are contributing to a more sustainable water future across the world today.

The speakers will also participate in a subsequent panel discussion on the exciting aspects of engineering, transformative trends that are taking shape as well as opportunities and interventions to improve the diversity of our industry to help tackle our water future. Other outstanding female leaders featured on this panel include:

  • Susan Moisio, Vice President & Global Market Director Water, Jacobs
  • Hazel Khoo, Director Coastal Protection, PUB
  • Lucia Cade, Board Director, Engineers Australia
  • Moderator: Don McCarthy, Vice President, Growth & Sales Asia, Jacobs

Join us at the “Celebrating Women in Engineering” special at the SIWW2021.

Register at www.SIWW.com.sg.