Integrated Solutions

With SIX®, Ceramic Micro Filtration, UV H2O2 treatment and GAC filtration as unique, innovative components for fully integrated, sustainable water treatment processes, based on process fundamentals, mathematics and hydraulics and real world testing, PWNT experts are able to provide end-users with custom-oriented solutions.

Technologies in PWNT are proven and solutions are fully validated, because water supply company PWN North Holland is using them in its own successful operations. Seeing really is believing.


PWNT provides  consulting services on the study, design, optimisation and integration of water treatment technology. Over the past 95 years PWN has performed most of its own studies, engineering and optimisation of its own facilities.

Many of the technologies used by PWN were developed by PWN’s department of research and innovation. Since PWN has gone through the entire process from development to implementation and optimisation it has unique first-hand knowledge.

PWN’s treatment history consist of important emerging technologies including pellet softening, ultra filtration, advanced oxidation (UV/H2O2), ceramic membrane filtration and suspended ion exchange.

In addition PWN has knowledge of traditional processes such as GAC filtration, coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation. PWNT provides consulting services in all these areas.

PWNT has provided consulting services to a wide variety of clients across the world. Some examples include water reuse plants in Australia (membrane and advanced oxidation), large scale membrane filtration and diagnosis and remediation of flocculation and sedimentation problems in the US.