PWNT provides innovative solutions in drinking water treatment to utilities around the world. We offer sustainable and efficient solutions that have already been proven, validated and implemented.

Integrated Solutions

With SIX®, Ceramic Micro Filtration, UV H2O2 treatment and GAC filtration as unique, innovative components for fully integrated, sustainable water treatment processes, based on process fundamentals, mathematics and hydraulics and real world testing, PWNT experts are able to provide end-users with custom-oriented solutions.

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CeraMac® is a well designed and engineered filtration process based on ceramic membranes. By combining up to 90 ceramic membrane elements into one vessel, the application of ceramic membranes becomes  a highly economical and compact solution.

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SIX® stands for Suspended Ion eXchange process and is designed to remove Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) from the water to improve membrane filtration performance. SIX® also removes sulphate, nitrate, and phosphate. Removal of DOC minimizes membrane fouling and reduces the formation of trihalomethanes  (THMs) after final disinfection with chlorination.

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PWNT’s In-Line Coagulation and Adsorption (ILCA®) process was developed to minimise coagulation/flocculation footprint and to simplify pre-treatment upstream of CeraMac®. For most surface waters, coagulated feed water lowers the ceramic membrane fouling rate, but strong, large, setting flocs are not required for filtration with ceramic microfiltration.

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