Global water leaders met in Singapore.

More than 200 global water leaders from over 30 countries joined PUB at the SIWW Water Utilities Leaders Forum (SWULF) held in Singapore from 18-19 September 2013. Among them were Jonathan Clement (CEO PWN Technologies) and Arjen Nauta (Director of Operations PWN Technologies Singapore).

This forum – an idea of Jonathan Clement – was all about engaging industry heavyweights in the water utilities sector worldwide, the intimate gathering fostered open dialogues among decision makers, planners and business leaders to address challenges faced by the water industry and map innovative solutions. Co-creating solutions with other global water utilities peers. The outcomes of the forum will be showcased at SIWW 2014.

Day 1 of the forum saw intensive discussions covering major challenges utilities leaders commonly face and innovative solutions that were formulated. Sessions topics include planning, financing, innovation as well as community engagement, i.e Heartware. At day 1 Jonathan Clement chaired a session on Innovation – A Cliché or A Necessity In Face of Today’s Water and Wastewater Challenges’. This session received the highest votes of all seven sessions.

Day 2 of SWULF continued with engaging dialogues covering subjects on operational optimization, asset management and the role of utilities in cities of the future. The forum was a great success.