Jonathan Clement appointed as new CEO PWN Technologies

Velserbroek, The Netherlands – The Supervisory Board of PWN Water Supply Company North Holland (PWN) in the Netherlands has appointed Mr. Jonathan Clement as CEO of PWN Technologies. He will take over the CEO position from Pieter Spohr on May 1, 2013. Pieter Spohr was leading the company over three years, from a start-up to a robust internationally known organization with very strong economic potential.

At the start of PWN Technologies by PWN, Pieter Spohr was requested to stay a minimum of three years as the CEO. With the organization grown to maturity, he has decided to step down as CEO but has agreed to continue serving the board as a CFOO (Chief Financial and Operations Officer) in order to ensure a smooth transition of executive leadership in PWN Technologies. On 1 May the governance structure will be changed as well. The CEO, CFOO and CTO will form the Executive Board, fully supported by a competent and powerful management team.

“Pieter Spohr’s vision and leadership guided PWN Technologies to its position as a leading innovation and valuable water technology company,” Martien den Blanken, CEO of PWN, says. “In his role as CFOO, Pieter will continue to serve PWN Technologies with his unique insights and entrepreneurship. The Board has complete confidence that Jonathan is the right person to be our next CEO,” adds Martien den Blanken. “His three years of service to PWN Technologies have been marked by outstanding performance, and he has demonstrated remarkable talent and sound judgment.”

As Chief Business and Application Developments, Jonathan Clement was previously responsible for all client relationships, development of new business and the application of technology in high end markets in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.

Before his career at PWN Technologies, Jonathan Clement worked at Black & Veatch for 18 years, most recently as a Global Technology Leader. His experience covers 10 years in the United States where he worked on advanced water technology projects with large water utilities. He was the principal investigator and co-investigator of 10 water research foundation (WRF) projects. One of his projects won the grand prize of excellence in research from the American Academy of Environmental engineers.

Jonathan Clement has also worked for nearly a decade in Southeast Asia and Australia on advanced water technology projects including membranes and reuse. He is the founder of the IWA’s Leading Edge Water Technology Conference and was the Chairman for the first five years. He is also on the management committee of the IWA Water Reuse Specialist group and has been a IWA fellow since 2012.


Keep on focusing on a limited number of clients and focus on delivering top quality. That is what we need to do, says Jonathan Clement. As the new CEO of PWN Technologies he will continue along the path of his predecessor Pieter Spohr. “We have chosen the path of controlled growth. Its not all about turnover. It’s the results that count.”

As Chief Business and Application Developments he travelled the world exploring markets, talking to potential clients. As CEO he will continue to do so. “Keeping close contact with our clients is very important. We have a limited number of clients, and our relations are almost partnership like. Having a voice to the leadership is therefor very important to our clients. In a more production type of business this would be impossible.”

“Working as global technology leader at Black & Veatch I was directly engaged in evaluating emerging technologies. But SIX® and CeraMac® convinced me from the start. These are technologies with great value and impact. This is a game changer. I clearly wanted to be part of that. That’s the reason why I joined PWN Technologies in the first place.”

“I am intensely committed to working with water and the environment. What we do at PWN Technologies is helping society solving problems in water treatment . We go beyond making money. We focus on defining contracts and alliances with a restricted number of clients. Companies on the forefront of international developments, who believe in leading edge technology to solve their problems.”

“Our innovative technologies are generating a very welcome increasing interest. Because we’re more than just a technology provider: we possess scientific knowledge about water treatment and knowledge of the treatment process. PUB in Singapore and South West Water signed up for a pilot facilities. We’d already caused quite a stir with the test results of the CeraMac® pilot in Singapore. And that will also be the case in the UK. I am sure about that.”