Keywords to succes: innovation, partnerships and focus.

PWN Technologies is aspiring to be the most innovative water technology company in the world. To accomplice this mission, PWN Technologies will focus on cutting-edge clients; the top segment of the water market. These are the early adopters amidst water companies in Europe, Asia & Pacific and the USA, that are willing to serve as reference projects.

PWN Technologies operates mainly in the design and build segment and targets low risk / high end markets. Early success in these markets will significantly accelerate our growth end 2104, begin 2015.

PWN Technologies will grow to 150 highly educated international employees and a net turnover of 75 to 90 million euro per year in 2020. In 2015 turnover will be 25 million with 50 employees.

The year 2014 will be a transition year from a full portfolio based on work on the Andijk III project to a portfolio of purely external projects in Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Most important success factors are branding of our products and technologies. Equally important is to keep the organisation lean and mean; small and flexible with relatively little overhead. Growth in personnel will mainly happen in the regions. In particular it is important that PWN Technologies relies on top level R&D, flexible projectmanagement and a flexible, industry orientated project organisation, like CeraMac Services working together with partners like Metawater and RWB.

PWN Technologies will always focus on low risk / high end markets in Asia/Pacific, Europe and the United States. Financial and economic (political) stability, opportunities for follow up, starting innovative projects / assignments and the presence of suppliers with a proven track record are criteria for the selection of countries and customers.

In 2014-2015 PWN Technologies will mainly focus on countries like:

  • Asia Pacific: Singapore, Japan and Australia
  • Europe: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany
  • United States: United States, Canada

During the planning period 2014-2015 PWN Technologies will grow into a company with headquarters in Andijk / Velserbroek, which is also the regional headquarters for Europe, and regional headquarters in Singapore (Asia / Pacific) and California (USA).