More than 120 Ozwater delegates attend PWN Technologies reception

On 8 March 2010 PWN Technologies hosted an Australian Food & Wine Tasting Reception during Ozwater ’10, the most important annual event in Australia for the water industry.

Jonathan Clement, Global Technology Leader of Black and Veatch, gave an opening speech. He highlighted the worldwide accomplishments of PWN’s innovative technology contributions. This was followed by a brief overview by Peer Kamp, CTO, of the broad spectrum of PWN Technologies innovations from high end solutions, like the ion exchange process (SIX®) and their ceramic membrane technology to their innovative solutions for developing countries at the other end of the spectrum.

Two videos were shown: one on SIX® and CeraMac® and the other one showed PWN’s latest mission to Haiti, where 7 water emergency units were installed, the Perfector-E, which provided 250.000 people with safe drinking water.

In attendance a wide variety of guests including policy makers, water utilities, consultants and prominent water leaders. Among the attendees where Mark Pascoe, chairman of this year’s Ozwater Conference, David Garman, president of IWA and Paul Reiter, executive director of IWA (see photo below). Also past AWA presidents Don Bursill and Chris Davis and Joseph Mantua from AWWA joined the reception.

All the guests expressed their appreciation about the Haiti operation of PWN. There were many compliments on the location of the reception, The River Room, overlooking the river and the sky line of Brisbane and the quality and selection of food and wine.