Nijhuis Saur Industries acquires PWNT

With the acquisition of PWNT, the commercial subsidiary of the North Holland drinking water company and nature manager PWN, Nijhuis Saur Industries is strengthening its portfolio for the purification of drinking water.

PWNT was specially established to commercialize the innovations of drinking water company PWN in the field of water treatment. This includes all innovations in purification technology developed in recent years, including ion exchange (SIX®), inline coagulation (ILCA®) and ceramic membrane applications (CeraMac®), as well as the “Proevenloods”, the test- and optimization facility of PWNT.

Marketing knowledge and technology
Paulien Pistor, CEO of PWN: “PWNT has a lot of experience and a very good reputation in the field of water purification technology. Over the years we noticed a fast-growing interest in PWNT’s technology. In order to meet the increasing demand, PWNT needs to expand internationally and focus even more on the development and marketing of its knowledge and technology. The nature of those activities is becoming less and less compatible with PWN as a parent company. We must focus on our core task: drinking water supply and management of nature reserves in the province of North Holland. We are facing challenges such as climate change, energy transition and population growth which require our full attention. Our starting point for the sale has been to offer PWNT and its employees a healthy future. We are confident that PWNT together with Nijhuis Saur Industries will grow internationally and fully realize its ambitions and potential.”

Skills and expertise
Menno M. Holterman, CEO and President of Nijhuis Saur Industries: “At Nijhuis Saur Industries, PWNT is given the opportunity for further development in complete freedom while working closely with a successful and fast-growing team that is now active in more than 140 countries. Surface water will become one of the most important sources of drinking water in the coming years. PWNT’s technology, skills and expertise are an essential addition to our innovation and technology portfolio for the purification of drinking water. Together with our experience in the design, supply, financing and operation of (drinking) water installations, we expect in the coming years PWNT will grow into a leading global provider of integrated drinking water solutions.

Future collaboration
In view of the aforementioned challenges that PWN as a drinking water company faces, PWN and Nijhuis Saur Industries have entered into an additional agreement to continue working intensively with PWNT in the field of research and development for the next 5 years.”

About Nijhuis Saur Industries
Nijhuis Saur Industries provides robust and adaptive solutions for sustainable water use, energy and resource recovery with a strong focus on protecting water resources through our #StandForWater mission. With our unique Customer for Life approach, we help industries, utilities and cities to comply with ‘reduce, reuse and recover’. By doing so we contribute to the climate transition, the circular economy and build a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive future. Nijhuis Saur Industries, together with Econvert, Unidro, Nortech, Riventa and Saur, provides integrated and turnkey customized water solutions worldwide.

The Nijhuis Saur Industries multidisciplinary teams develop, design, manufacture and implement smart and breakthrough solutions based on our extensive product range and innovative and best available technologies (BAT), such as rental, mobile water treatment and financing solutions. Our goal is to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint, combine productivity and energy efficiency, improve quality, health and safety, while reducing life cycle costs.

Nijhuis Saur Industries operates worldwide and serves over 4000 references from its Regional Centers of Excellence in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Poland, Russia, Singapore, United States & Latin America. The head office is located in the Netherlands.

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About PWNT
PWNT develops technologies for drinking water purification and offers these worldwide. Extensive R&D programs have resulted in efficient and sustainable solutions in the fields of ion exchange (SIX®), ceramic membrane applications (CeraMac®), inline coagulation (ILCA®) and advanced oxidation, that can be used for various water sources. These innovations offer lower life cycle costs, greater efficiency and a lower environmental impact. Close cooperation with our customers, renowned universities and globally respected companies guarantee optimal results. PWNT is based in the Netherlands and Singapore.

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