Andijk III - PWN, The Netherlands

The Andijk III plant in the Netherlands is based on PWNT’s SIX® (Suspended Ion Exchange) and CeraMac® (ceramic membrane filtration process). It produces water of a better quality with lower environmental impact and decreased energy consumption. Andijk III treats a reservoir source water.

SIX® removes water dissolved organic carbon, nitrate, and sulphate. The DOC removal is important to help downstream processes work more efficiently. The passage through the ceramic membranes is the next phase of the treatment process. All particles larger than 1/10,000th of a millimeter are removed. Ceramic membranes have proven to last longer and be more reliable than polymeric membranes. CeraMac® is the first design that has been shown to successfully compete with polymeric membranes in terms of price, when considering the life cycle of the asset.

The treated water may still contain a quantity of hazardous substances, such as pesticides, viruses or drug residues. That is why advanced oxidation with UV and hydrogen peroxide is used after the CeraMac® process. Because the clarity of water has increased thanks to SIX® and CeraMac®, considerably less energy is required for UV treatment. Finally, an activated carbon filter removes the remaining substances from the water, producing an excellent finished water quality for consumers.


Construction trailer

Construction of Andijk III began on 25 January 25, 2012. Two years later, this new treatment facility was up and running. A complex, but great engineering challenge that was, at the time, the first CeraMac® full-scale plant. This video provides a brief, musical overview of some of the construction highlights.

Final Design

Andijk III uses our latest innovations: SIX® and CeraMac®. Combined with the existing ultra-violet and activated carbon technologies, a robust and sustainable water treatment is achieved. This video provides an in-depth view of the final design and treatment process for safe, superb drinking water.

Aerial views

Andijk III is located at the shore of the IJsselmeer, Western Europe’s largest lake. A bird-eye’s view provides a new perspective on the scale of our treatment plant.

Andijk III Showcase

On May 8 2014 PWNT launched the Andijk III project. This took place during an international water conference in Andijk, in the presence of representatives of national and international water industrialists, see press release.

Cindy Wallis-Lage, President Global Water Business at Black & Veatch, qualifies Andijk III as an excellent example of ‘disruptive innovation’: “This is what makes a difference. It takes a journey to make innovation move faster: integration and sharing of knowledge as well as collaboration. Together we can achieve so much.”

“Water is complex, but the goal is simple”, says IWA President Glen Daigger, “We can provide people with reliable water. Therefore we must change what we do, like PWNT has done here. Andijk III is a major example.”

Dr. Shane Snyder, Professor chemical and environmental engineering at the University of Arizona: “More companies should consider using this type of technology and scale up, to demonstrate to the world that these technologies are efficient, robust and reliable.”

Andijk III Online Tour

Welcome in Andijk III, world’s most modern drinking water treatment plant.

It is designed to make water treatment more sustainable and more efficient – through implementation of innovative technologies. The treatment requires less maintenance than a conventional water treatment plant, at lower costs.

The installation uses the PWNT’s innovations: SIX® and CeraMac®. In combination with the existing UV-peroxide technology and activated carbon filtration, PWN ensures a robust and sustainable water treatment.

The online tour enables you to see each step in the treatment process.