PWN Technologies and D’Launch Communications sign management agreement.

On 5 January 2010 Debbie Middendorp signed a management agreement for two years on behalf of D’Launch Communications. Pieter Spohr, CEO, who signed on behalf of PWN Technologies is very pleased to have D’Launch Communications on board.

For over ten years D’Launch Communications is a full-service consultancy and event organizing agency in communications. They already organized the launch of PWN Technologies in Singapore in June 2009 during the Singapore International Water Week and are now formally attached to PWN Technologies.

Debbie Middendorp will be Marketing and Communications Director. She will be responsible for branding the company and its water treatment technologies, SIX®, CeraMac® and Perfector Designs worldwide. Arjen Nauta will be Manager Front- and Backoffice. He will be responsible for supporting the business and sales process and will be mainly the first point of contact for clients. Both Arjen and Debbie are professionals in marketing, communication and sales and have more than 15 years experience in these areas.