PWN Technologies first to sign digital contract drawings

PWN Technologies and the contractors involved in the construction of Andijk III, world’s most modern treatment plant for drinking water production in North-Holland, have recently signed a cd-rom with the contract drawings, instead of signing a paper version. This is the first time that this practice is applied to agreements between client and contractors.

PWN Technologies is an innovative and sustainable company. From this background the idea arose to put the signature on a cd-rom instead of signing a paper version. Director Delivery Herman Eken of PWN Technologies:”In this digital era this should be the new working method. All information is now on a cd-rom, which has all signatures of client and contractors on it. It saves a huge amount of paper, thus saves trees, not to mention the archive space.”

The contractors concerned were all in favour of the idea. At the signing ceremony of the digital contract drawings the following companies were involved: Hegeman Concrete and Industrial Construction; Friso Construction Group; Aan De Stegge, and Dekker Krabbendam Construction Company.

Andijk III is a treatment plant for the production of drinking water, which PWN Technologies is building in commission of PWN. The installation, based on ion exchange (SIX®) and ceramic membranes (CeraMac®), will produce water of a better quality, but will also have a lower energy consumption and lower environmental load at lower cost. The plant, with a capacity of 5000m3 per hour, will be operational at the end of 2013.