PWN Technologies in projectteam new Danish water treatment plant.

PWN Technologies, Witteveen+Bos and the Danish company NIRAS are collaborating on a design for a new water treatment plant for the production of industrial water in Kalundborg, Denmark. Senior Technical Engineer, Marcel Welling of PWN Technologies has been added to the team given his expertise in the area of surface water treatment.

During a number of workshops, PWN Technologies, Witteveen+Bos, NIRAS and the Danish client will determine which technologies to adopt in the new plant. Recently a Danish delegation visited PWN Technologies to learn about the applications concerning surface water treatment. The plant in Kalundborg is one of a few in Denmark that treats surface water to produce industrial water, for which the Danes mainly use groundwater.

The current plant has insufficient capacity to fulfil the needs: the client wants to double the capacity with one million m3 per annum. The new larger plant replaces the current installation which will be dismantled in the long run. The client would like an environmentally friendly, energy efficient plant to be build. The new design has to allow for buffering water, so varying water requirements, or plant maintenance, has no negative consequences for the capacity.

The project for the design of this new plant has been established through SEEN: the Strategic European Expertise Network. Both NIRAS and Witteveen+Bos are part of this network, consisting of independent leading engineering providers from different countries. Knowledge exchange within this network occurs through knowledge clusters; interesting technical developments are discussed and made available to the domestic markets.