PWN Technologies joined Wetsus

This years conference of Wetsus was the fifth and therefore a special edition. The morning session focused on the internationalization and the International Ambition for Water Technology.

Martin Schuurmans, chairman of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, spoke about the necessity of creating Knowledge Information Centres (KIC’s) to boost Technology and Innovations. After this very inspiring presentation Frans Timmermans, Minister of European Affairs of The Netherlands, emphasized on the fact the Netherlands has much to gain in Europe because of their great capacity for investment and innovation in the water sector.

In a parallel session called “Entrepreneurship” Pieter Spohr and Peer Kamp, CEO and CTO of PWN Technologies, presented the way how PWN Technologies was branded and profiled as a Solution Provider. The video with the technological achievements of the mother company PWN through the years and the profiling of PWN Technologies was received with compliments.