PWN Technologies sponsors LET 2011 in Amsterdam

In 2011, The Leading-Edge Technology, IWA’s signature technology conference, is returning to the Netherlands and takes place from 6-10 June 2011 in Amsterdam. PWN and Waternet will host this conference. Delegates and water experts from all over the world will gather to talk about the latest advances in the water and wastewater treatment. LET2011 will provide an unique opportunity to hear from those who are leading in these fields, to network with colleagues and to identify cross-over topics where development in treatment technologies are interchangeable between water and wastewater. This leading-edge conference is an important and vital event not to be missed.

It covers technologies ranging from those just emerging from the laboratory to those just making their way to full commercial applications. PWN Technologies has the honour to sponsor the conference dinner of LET 2011 in Amsterdam.

The 2011 edition of the LET conference will see its scope expand from its traditional focus on treatment technologies to include water and wastewater treatment technologies for developing countries, micro-algal systems, and emerging contaminants – which ones truly emerged?