PWNT acquisition by Nijhuis Saur Industries (NSI) completed; Clement Pierart appointed as new CEO

The Netherlands, 30 August 2022 – With the acquisition process of PWNT by NSI completed, PWNT are now officially part of the Saur Group within their Industrial Water Solutions division. This means that PWNT is now empowered with the financial and technological resources of the group and able to be of greater service to our clients, to keep improving on the innovative water treatment technologies we are known for, and to serve wider markets.

We are also pleased to announce that Clement Pierart has been appointed as of 1 August 2022 to be the new CEO of PWNT. From his previous role as COO, this appointment allows him to preserve the innovative spirit of the company and support the transition of PWNT into the Saur Industrial Water Solutions division which is led by Nijhuis Saur Industries. PWNT will be given the opportunity for further market development in complete freedom while working closely with a successful and fast-growing team that is now active in more than 140 countries, leveraging on NSI’s experience in the design, supply, financing and operation of (drinking) water installations.

Since NSI began the acquisition process in December 2021 to expand its municipal capabilities and to meet the fast-growing global demand for robust and sustainable drinking water solutions, the clear benefits of this collaboration have resulted in PWNT securing two significant projects in the United Kingdom, these being the Hampton Loade (210 MLD) and Church Wilne (89 MLD) projects.

PWNT, now as part of Saur Group, looks forward to continue working closely with our clients to meet the world’s water treatment needs in the days ahead through continuously improving our technologies and practices in order to ‘reduce, remove, reuse and recover’ in line with #MissionWater.

About Nijhuis Saur Industries
Nijhuis Saur Industries provides solid and adaptive solutions for sustainable and resilient water use, energy and resource recovery for Light and Heavy Industries, Utilities, and Commercial Buildings around the world. We are responsible for the Industrial Water Solutions of Saur #MissionWater, delivering an extensive portfolio of innovative technologies, game-changing solutions and added-value services to protect water resources. With our unique Customer for Life approach, we help industries, utilities, and cities to comply with ‘reduce, remove, reuse and recover’.

Established in 1904 in the Netherlands, we deliver innovative technologies, engineering and consulting services, mobile water solutions, EPI / EPC / DBFOM project execution and O&M site services. We offer an extensive portfolio of industrial water solutions. Our portfolio of industrial water solutions is based on the extensive knowledge, experience of Nijhuis, Econvert, Unidro, Nortech, Riventa, PWNT, Byosis,
Sodai, Flootech, Aqua-Chem and Veolia Mobile Water Services.

About PWNT
PWNT develops technologies for drinking water purification and offers these worldwide. Extensive R&D programs have resulted in efficient and sustainable solutions in the fields of ion exchange (SIX®), ceramic membrane applications (CeraMac®), inline coagulation (ILCA®) and advanced oxidation, that can be used for various water sources.

These innovations offer lower life cycle costs, greater efficiency and a lower environmental impact. Close cooperation with our customers, renowned universities and globally respected companies guarantees optimal results. PWNT is based in the Netherlands and Singapore.

About Clement Pierart
Clement is a seasoned professional with a strong track record covering more than 12 years of experience delivering complex projects, managing international teams, and driving business development through customer-centric and sustainable solutions.

Clement started his career at Veolia in Scotland, where he undertook several engineering and project management roles in countries including Brazil, China, France, South Korea, and the UAE, with 8 years delivering large water treatment plants for the Oil & Gas industry.

​At PWNT, Clement has been responsible for the upgrade of the Andijk III facilities and the delivery of the Luzern project in Switzerland. More recently he has taken on the operational management of the company during its preparation for divestment and its transition to the Nijhuis Saur Industry group. He is also involved in securing new projects for the company while developing a more sustainable business model in partnership with key customers.

He holds a Dual master’s degree in mechanical engineering and research from the National Institute of Technologies in Lyon (France) and an Executive MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management – RSM (The Netherlands).