PWNT Magazine November

We are delighted to present the November 2016 edition of our digital magazine and we proudly introduce our new PWNT logo, which we officially launched at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2016 in Singapore.

Our new logo reflects our global vision, innovating mind that gives a game-changing and leading direction in the water industry. A logo that expresses what we are and what we promise. Powerful, short and readable: PWN Technologies becomes PWNT.
This magazine offers a new possibility to exchange knowledge and to show the results of our latest projects and research in drinking water treatment.
In this edition we will look back on our spectacular presence at the latest SIWW, we will take you on a virtual tour through the new to build water treatment plant in Singapore, we will inform you on the latest updates of the DOC2C’s project and interviews with Joke Cuperus, CEO of parent company PWN and our scientist Emmanuelle Prest.

I hope this newsletter will inspire you, because by sharing innovations and technology, true change will happen.

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