R&D fully integrated in PWN Technologies

The Research & Development (R&D) department of PWN Water Supply Company North Holland is recently fully integrated in PWN Technologies. The boards of both companies have decided to do so. This decision makes it possible for the R&D department to also conduct research on a commercial basis, so both companies can benefit from the expertise.

The R&D department has built a solid reputation developing innovative solutions for water treatment. PWN Technologies will have to safeguard its innovations in the long term by making PWN’s innovations available to water companies around the globe, thus generating revenues to be invested in new research and innovation.

In line with this developments it is decided to integrate the R&D department fully in PWN Technologies, to be able to serve customers optimally. An additional advantage of the integration is that researchers and the implementers of innovative projects will be working closer together. Innovations can therefore be implemented faster.

Pieter Spohr, CEO PWN Technologies, comments: “The full integration of R&D marks a new episode in the development of PWN Technologies, that in less than two years has developed into a major player on the market. The new situation not only benefits our customers, but also PWN Water Supply Company North Holland, because the expertise of the R&D department remains available.”