Richard van Daalen PWNT

Richard van Daalen, PWNT

Richard van Daalen is 30 years old, and was born and raised in the city of Haarlem, The Netherlands. His background is chemical engineering from Saxion Universities, city of Enschede.

After his graduation research at PWNT R&D (2014) he started working as a process engineer at drinking water utility PWN. In the course of the last 8 years, Richard improved his knowledge about water treatment, technologies and consultancy skills. Wishing to move ahead and find a new opportunity regarding more process development, engineering and teamwork, Richard applied to PWNT to address current water treatment challenges, with a key focus on approaching issues from a broad perspective.

Why did you join PWNT?

I wanted to improve myself more within an external environment and also a bit more on a global/international scale as my former role lacked both those opportunities. The mixture between (technological) development as well as complex, full-scale projects within Europe and Singapore sounded perfect to me, as it keeps the job varied. To challenge a variety of issues, you’ll need a diversity of specialisms working together. PWNT is growing and has a lot of potential, especially after becoming a part of NSI, which motivated me to apply for a career at PWNT.

What is your #MissionWater at PWNT?

Working together and challenging ourselves and our knowledge to improve and optimise the technology development; Internally together with the R&D team, and externally regarding our customers using pilots or during development of full-scale solutions.