Signing Agreement PWN Technologies Mixing Weir

20091110A license agreement for the design and application of the PWN Technologies Mixing Weir in Indonesia has been established between SCM Tirta Utama and PWN Technologies. Mr. Didi Pramadi CEO of SCM Tirta Utama and Peer Kamp CTO of PWN Technologies signed the agreement November 5th in Cimadi (Bandung) Indonesia.

The PWN Mixing weir has successfully been applied worldwide for midsized and large coagulation installations. This weir is known to supply high chemical efficiency, excellent finished water turbidity and low investment and maintenance costs.

The PWN Technologies Mixing weir also contributes to the Perfector-R robust and high performance. According Mr. Pramadi the PWN Technologies Mixing Weir has a high potential in Indonesia. He foresees a large total installed capacity for the next year.