South West Water assigns PWN Technologies to build its new advanced water treatment plant

PWN Technologies has been assigned to build the new North Plymouth Water Treatment Works of water utility South West Water in the United Kingdom. The new water treatment plant with a capacity of 90 MLD, will replace the existing Crownhill Water Treatment Works. This new state of art hi tech facility, with the technology supplied by PWN Technologies, meets fully the requirements of South West Water and will be operational in 2018.

The revolutionary water treatment facility is perfectly in accordance with the need and promise of South West Water to its consumers: to guarantee providing good and safe drinking water in the future in a sustainable way, with as less as possible impacts on the environment. South West Water requested PWN Technologies to prepare a design with H5O, its capital delivery alliance. The new treatment process was tested and fine-tuned in a pilot environment for a period of 18 months started in April 2013. South West Water compared the new PWN Technologies innovations to conventional methods. Soon synergy and benefits were found within this challenge. The positive results of these innovations were clearly notable and exceeded all expectations.

The new advanced water treatment facility uses ion exchange (SIX®), In line coagulation and adsorption (ILCA ®) and CeraMac®, filtration by ceramic membranes. In combination with the conventional technologies, UV technology and activated carbon filtration, sustainable water treatment can be realized whilst reducing operational costs, consuming less resources and producing less waste.

The new plant will treat Burrator reservoir water and water from the rivers Tavy and Tamar. This water has a high content of humic substances. The SIX ®, In line Coagulation Absorption (ILCA®) and CeraMac® technologies frame the water treatment, along with active carbon filtration and UV treatment. The new plant integrates into the existing drinking water infrastructure of South West Water.

Dr Stephen Bird, Managing Director of South West Water, endorses the advantages of the newly designed water treatment facility by PWN Technologies: “With this new plant, South West Water is able to provide good, safe drinking water, that has the trust of our customers, while keeping customer bills down and reducing our impact on the environment.”

Jonathan Clement, CEO of PWN Technologies: “We have always been convinced of the advantages of our technologies and are proud that South West Water acknowledges the lower life cycle cost and water quality advantage of our technology and we are looking forward to implement our technology into South West Water’s new advanced water treatment facility.