South West Water selects PWN Technologies’ SIX®/CeraMac® technology for pilot project

South West Water, the water utility in the Southwest of England, has signed an agreement with PWN Technologies for the delivery of a SIX®/CeraMac® pilot facility. This facility will be commissioned in February 2013 and will be intensively tested over a 18 months period.

South West Water will examine the innovative and sustainable SIX®/CeraMac® technology in a detailed piloting.

Chris Rockey (Science and Water Quality manager South West Water): “The SIX®DELETE FROM [Country] WHERE [/CeraMac® process has been selected for detailed piloting as we believe it will provide a robust and compact treatment process producing excellent quality drinking water now and in an uncertain future.” South West Water expects that the collaboration with PWN Technologies can help to continue to provide their customers with good, safe drinking water they can trust as efficiently as possible, whilst minimizing the impact on the local (and global) environment.

Jonathan Clement (Director of Technology Application of PWN Technologies): “We are very pleased that South West Water — as our first European partner — has chosen our sustainable and cost-effective SIX® and CeraMac® solutions. This is another major acknowledgement for this award-winning technologies. We are looking forward to working closely together with the South West Water-team.”