Successful water aid mission of PWN in Haiti

On Monday 18 January 2010 PWN Water Supply Company North Holland sent 7 Perfector-E’s together with a team of six technicians to help the people of Haiti. The Perfector-E has been developed as a rapidly deployable installation in crisis situation to make unreliable surface water suitable for consumption.


The technicians installed 5 Perfectors in the areas of Gressier, Jacmel, Cayes and Mirabalais. The Perfectors offer drinking water to more than 250.000 people. The sixth Perfector will be installed shortly by Cordaid at a refugee shelter camp and will offer drinking water to another 60.000 people.


The PWN technicians were working in close cooperation with the Cooperating Relief Organizations member – Cordaid Foundation People in Need. Norit, a major purification company, contributed to the mission delivering 3 power generators and paying part of the expenses for staff and transport.

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PWN and Norit developed the plant immediately after the tsunami in 2004. The Perfector-E was deployed on Sumatra in 2005 and 2009 when it was struck by natural disasters.

The installation is compact, simple and mobile (250 kilograms). The installation works on both a light aggregate of 5 kilowatts and on 220 volts. The installation produces 2000 liters of drinking water per hour. The Perfector-E does not make use of chemicals or any other additives. The plant is based on advanced technology and can do without maintenance for at least 3 months.