What business do we want to be in?

During a two day session in Schoorl, the Executive Board of PWN met to consider its own performance and the functioning of PWN as a whole. The key question on the table was: “What business do we want to be in?”

Inspired by the launch of PWN Technologies, a new level of self belief has emerged. The awareness that PWN is a top company that can compete with the best water companies in the world makes us justifiably proud. This is meaningful not only for the people of North Holland, but for our domestic and foreign partners as well. To be the company that we aspire to be, demands that we set the bar as high as possible when it comes to the quality of our drinking water supply, our ecological sustainability, our contacts with the customer and our internal services. We must do this without cutting corners, openly and transparently. Precisely this attitude is what drives our innovation and makes us an attractive business. It fits perfectly with what we already deliver: PWN, Pure Water and Nature.

The two day board session was focused and constructive, culminating in unanimous and vigorous support for this shared vision. It requires us as an Executive Board to maintain our focus and energy. That is a challenge that we are ready and able to meet. From this picture PWN sees the following priorities for 2010:

  1. The production of impeccable drinking water remains our top priority and will always be the prime reason for our company’s existence.
  2. Our ambition demands modern, properly functioning ICT and information supply. We realize that it requires a sustained effort in order to make that a reality.
  3. Innovation and continuous improvement remain our constant goals: we will place PWN Technologies firmly in the market and work intensively to further strengthen the position of The Netherlands as a world leader in international water technology.
  4. PWN deserves an excellent, customer-focused organization with self-motivated and highly efficient staff. The continued professional development of staff and company organization is essential for that.
  5. The Smart Water Meter is possibly one of the most important innovations of the future for PWN. This therefore calls for careful, strategy-based decision making.

Of course, our daily operations also demand our constant attention. Even though water does not look spectacular, our customers’ perception of PWN can be.