Cooperation between PWN Technologies-Metawater-RWB Water Services is progressing.

PWN Technologies-Metawater-RWB Water Services made a big step in their mutual strategy to work together in the Ceramic Membranes Market. This conclusion became more clear after a recent visit of all parties in Andijk, The Netherlands.


PWN Technologies’ CeraMac®-design is a well designed and engineered filtration process based on Ceramic Membranes. Several problems in the filtration process have been solved with new solutions based on advanced R&D and large scale demonstration testing. This will bring a total new design, which has a much more compact footprint, has lower energy consumption, is more reliable in full-operation, has lower maintenance, more uptime and a lower cost-of-ownership than existing membrane systems. The application of this CeraMac® means a significant improvement in filtration processes and allows a massive introduction of ceramic membranes into the market.


It is within this CeraMac® framework that a Metawater (Japan) team visited the PWN Technologies premises in Andijk (near Amsterdam) in The Netherlands together with Mr André Reigersman (Ceo RWB Water Services-Almelo). The Metawater team consisted of: Dr. Imoto, Mr. Inoue, Mr. Koji Hattori, Mr.Wataru Ayuha and Mr. Toshio Kato. PWN hosts were: Mr. Martien den Blanken (CEO PWN), Mr. Pieter Spohr (CEO PWN Technologies), Mr. Peer Kamp (CTO PWN Technologies) and Mr. Gilbert Galjaard (Manager R&D PWN).

PWN Technologies explained the background, some design aspects, the underlying principles of and future market opportunities for CeraMac®. Possibilities for future cooperation in introducing the new designs based on CeraMac® into the markets in Asia, Australia and in the USA have been discussed extensively. Metawater agreed to guarantee in delivering the basic ceramic elements in the future to PWN Technologies. Parties agreed to explore more sustainable structures in cooperating in projects next month in Tokyo.