PWN starts first Perfector-R installation in Vietnam

In most of the world there is a need for easy to install package treatment systems that can produce safe drinking water without much operator attention. The Perfector designs deal with the classical treatment process of surface water into pure potable water through coagulation, flocculation, separation, filtration en disinfection, starting with small installations up to reliable full sized installations.

The designs are simple, up scalable, have a low energy and chemicals consumption, are easy to operate, have extremely low maintenance costs, low costs-of-ownership and are well-balanced model based. There  is now a reference  case of the Perfector-R designs in Vietnam.

Last week our Vice Minister Tineke Huizinga opened  the first Perfector-R water treatment installation designed by dr. Peer Kamp (PWN/PWN Technologies), being built under a license agreement. Peer Kamp is now tuning  and customizing the treatment process and will give training courses for the operational installation staff.

Vietnam and the Netherlands, will work together in the next six years to improve water management in the Mekong Delta. Vice Minister Tineke Huizinga for Transport, Public Works and Water Management and her Vietnamese colleagues Hoc (Agriculture and Rural Development) and Lai (Natural Resources and Environment) have signed an agreement on Monday, October 5 in Hanoi. The Dutch knowledge and expertise in water management will be used by Vietnam to protect the Mekong Delta against the effects of climate change.

Both the Netherlands and Vietnam are among the most vulnerable deltas worldwide, according to the international climate panel (IPCC). Both countries are densely populated and are largely similar to or below sea level. Future climate change could lead to 1 meter rise in sea levels in Vietnam; floods will increase in the rainy season while during drought there will be water scarcity. In 2050 estimated 8.4 million Vietnamese have to face water shortages. For more than 20 million inhabitants of the Mekong Delta these are serious threats, as well as for agriculture and industry, who are developing strongly.