Netherlands Business Support Offices visited PWN Technologies

A delegation of 24 representatives of the Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSO), paid a visit to PWN Technologies, on November 4. NBSO’s are formed by the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs, in order to support Dutch companies in their economic activities abroad. The representatives attending the meeting came from various countries, including Brasil, India, China and the Middle East, that are facing challenges when it comes to drinking water.

PWN Technologies’ CEO Pieter Spohr and CTO Peer Kamp both gave a presentation about PWN Technologies and its activities, including the plan to build an new pretreatment installation (Andijk 3) based SIX®-process (single ion exchange-process) and CeraMac® (ceramic membranes).

The NBSO representatives were very curious about the ambitions of PWN Technologies and had a lot of questions to both officers about the strategy and position in the global water market. After the presentations, the guests paid a visit to water treatment plant Heemskerk, the worlds first integrated membrane plant; and innovative UF-RO design.

Several representatives were very optimistic about business opportunities in the countries where they are stationed. The NBSO’s stated that they like to support the business activities of PWM Technologies in countries where desired.