PERNAM Debuts Successfully at VietWater 2010

Ho Chi Minh City, 12 November 2010– PERNAM, the joint venture company formed by Dutch advanced water treatment solutions provider PWN Technologies and Vietnamese water treatment company HOWACO, marked its successful debut into the Vietnamese water purification industry with its first MOU signed within just two months of its founding in September 2010 and its well-received participation in VietWater 2010. The MOU was signed between Mr. Pham Ngoc Kiem, Vice-General Director of Quang Nam Water Supply Company (QWSC) and Mr. Ngo Xuan Truong, Managing Director of PERNAM. With Perfector technology provided by PERNAM, QWSC will be tripling its capacity from 5000 m3/day to 15000 m3/day.

PERNAM’s exhibition of Perfector technology attracted close to 2000 visitors at VietWater 2010, including former Dutch Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Professor Cornelis Pieter Veerman who led a special delegation from the Netherlands and Mr Reinier Schoeman, National Coordinator Corporate Liaison & co-convener of the Progressive Business Forum. A delegation led by Mrs. Rejoice Massudaphasi, the Vice-Minister of Water and Environment Affairs of South Africa (African National Congress), also visited the booth. During their visits, the delegations acknowledged the positive impact of advanced water treatment technology.


Visitors experienced the Perfector-E’s quick purification of highly polluted water into clean drinking water. With a capacity of 2000 litres/hr, the mobile Perfector-E has been effectively deployed worldwide, with 7 sent to Haiti in 2010 for quake disaster relief, 20 to Aceh after the 2004 tsunami, and units that continue to save lives from water borne diseases and contaminants in Chile, Pakistan and Uganda.

As part of PERNAM’s active participation in VietWater 2010, Mr. Leo Commandeur, Director International Projects, PWN Technologies presented the topic ‘The Perfector Series Package Treatment Systems for Safe Drinking Water’. Mr. Ngo Xuan Truong, Managing Director, PERNAM presented the topic ‘Development plans with Perfector series in Vietnam’.

vietwater6Said Mr. Ngo Xuan Truong during the presentation, ‘We aim to make the PERNAM name well-known throughout Vietnam as a supplier of clean water and water purification technologies, with our participation in VietWater 2010 as a starting point in informing the Vietnamese water industry about our value proposition. We are very pleased to be partnering with PWN Technologies to bring Perfector technology to the Vietnamese market.’

Mr. Leo Commandeur added that ‘PWN Technologies is proud to be supporting PERNAM with Perfector water treatment technology that is proven and sustainable, and in line with our vision, contribute to the health of Vietnam’s people leading to better lives.’


PERNAM (‘Perfector Vietnam’) is the Dutch-Vietnamese joint venture newly established by Dutch advanced water treatment solutions provider PWN Technologies and Vietnamese water treatment company HOWACO. PERNAM brings the latest innovative surface water treatment methods of PWN Technologies Perfector series to Vietnam.

The Perfector series has been successfully implemented in developing and upcoming countries worldwide. In Vietnam, the technological advantages of the Perfector-P and Perfector-R series are being enjoyed in Cao Lanh and Vinh Long.  PERNAM is pleased to present the newest designs of the Perfector series, the Perfector-E and Perfector-VLE to the Vietnamese market.


PWN Technologies, located in the Netherlands, provides advanced solutions to the water supply market worldwide. PWN Technologies offers a wide variety of solutions that are proven, validated and implemented in day-to-day operations. PWN Technologies is a subsidiary of PWN Water Supply Company North Holland. All revenues of PWN Technologies are invested in R&D programmes. This enables PWN Technologies to enhance its position as a leading solutions provider, solving the world’s problems on water treatment.

With more than 90 years experience in developing innovative, validated, proven water treatment technologies, PWN Technologies provides the water supply market with solutions for drinking water challenges. These solutions include improved ion exchange pre-treatment systems, ceramic membrane filtrations, integrated water treatment systems and very-low cost, easy-to-install and very-easy-to-maintain packaged treatment systems.


HOWACO has been active for years in the south of Vietnam and is familiar with the Perfector-R and Perfector-P designs of PWN Technologies. HOWACO recently signed a license agreement with PWN Technologies for the marketing of Perfector-P as sole representative in Vietnam.