New Board of Directors.

As of 1 March PWN Technologies has a new Board of Directors. This is a result of the stepping down of Pieter Spohr (COO) and Peer Kamp (CTO) this spring.

Jonathan Clement will remain CEO.

Gilbert Galjaard, CTO / Director of R&D, will oversee and lead all activities which concern research and technology development.

Robert Kools, Director of Projects, will oversee all aspects of project management and will ensure that products and technologies meet the clients and projects needs.

Debbie Middendorp, Director of Global Marketing and Communications, will be responsible for the global marketing and communications. Wim Vermeer, CFO, will have the responsibility for all financial matters.

Pieter Spohr will remain as COO until 1 May. His successor will be announced in due time. Peer Kamp will stay as a consultant for PWN Technologies.