PWN Technologies: outline design for new treatment plant South West Water.

South West Water (SWW) faces significant challenges at their Crownhill Water Treatment Works (WTW) due to variable feed water quality, specifically the organic compounds in the raw water, and because drinking water quality requirements have become more stringent since its construction. Included within their five year Business Plan, is the relocation of the WTW to the north of the Plymouth. SWW is interested in new treatment technologies to reliably achieve improved water quality.

SWW have expressed interest in PWN Technologies’ SIX® and CeraMac® technologies. These technologies are being considered for the new North Plymouth WTW which will replace the existing Crownhill WTW. The SIX® and CeraMac® technologies with in-line coagulation will form the core of the new treatment train and will be followed by GAC treatment and UV disinfection.

A pilot plant has been built and operated since April 2013 to find optimum operating conditions for design. Currently, an outline design is being prepared for the new treatment, in cooperation between SWW and PWN Technologies. This outline design focuses on process variables and number of units to meet the requirements for water quality and capacity and will lead to a reliable cost estimate for SWW’s long term investment programme.

We are proud to work together with SWW on this project and to be taking a new step towards realisation of the full scale SIX® and CeraMac® plant.