Over a 100 WQTC delegates attend PWN Technologies reception in Savannah

On 15 November 2010 PWN Technologies hosted an European Beer Tasting Reception including a Savannah style dinner, during the WQTC Conference 2010, the most important annual event in the US for the water industry.

Jonathan Clement, Director Strategic Business Development, gave an opening speech. He highlighted the worldwide accomplishments of PWN’s innovative technology contributions. This was followed by a presentation by Peer Kamp, CTO, on the design of the largest ceramic membrane plant in the world: Andijk 3. This plant will be operational in 2013. Debbie Middendorp, Marketing Director, gave a brief overview of the emergency solutions of PWN Technologies: the Perfector E (Emergency) and the Perfector VLE (Very Light, Emergency). Pieter Spohr, CEO, concluded the presentations and emphasized the importance of the US-market for PWN Technologies.

Two videos were shown: one on the newest design of the largest ceramic membrane plant and the other one showed PWN’s latest mission to Haiti , where 7 water emergency units were installed, the Perfector-E, which provided 250.000 people with safe drinking water.

In attendance a wide variety of guests including policy makers, water utilities, consultants and prominent water leaders. Among the attendees were Rob Renner, Executive Director of WRF, and several trustees from Water Quality Division of AWWA.

All the guests expressed their appreciation about the Haiti operation of PWN. There were many compliments on the impressive selection of Belgian and German beers and the location of the reception, overlooking the Savannah river.