PWN Technologies appoints Aonia as Asia Media Relations Office

20100124Singaporean Aonia Pte Ltd has been appointed by PWN Technologies as its Asia Media Relations Office, to start with Singapore. PWN Technologies is the business structure of the Water Supply Company North Holland and specializes in advanced water treatment solution designs and engineering for more than 90 years.

This appointment includes that Aonia will perform the role of issuing press releases, preparing media kits and advising PWN Technologies on the media opportunities available in Singapore, to start with. Monitoring and evaluating press coverages gained for PWN Technologies will also be included.

Creative Business Solutions Director of Aonia, Daniel Chua says: “We look forward to helping to grow PWN Technologies presence in Singapore and other Asian countries, and working with them to further improve the lives of people through their water treatment technologies.”

Pieter Spohr, CEO of PWN Technologies says: “We worked successfully together with Aonia for our Company Launch on June 21st, 2009 during the Singapore International Water Week 2009 and find it extremely important to have a local media relations partner in Singapore supporting our business goals in Asia.”

The partnership between PWN Technologies and Aonia Pte Ltd will seek to effectively promote the innovative, proven, well designed and integrated water treatment technologies and services of PWN Technologies in Singapore, as a hub to Asia.

For further media enquiries, please contact:
Daniel Chua at or +65 91776348.