PWN Technologies: seven mobile water treatment installations to Haiti.

PWN Technologies has made seven mobile water treatment installations type Perfector-E (Emergency) available to the suffering people of Haiti. The installations are currently transferred by air to the devastated island.


On board of the aircraft are also six technicians of PWN Water Supply Company North Holland, who will install the Perfector-E and teach the local people how to operate the installations. The technicians will stay in Haiti for at least two weeks. They will work in close cooperation with the Cordaid Foundation and the Cooperating Relief Organizations (SHO).

The Perfector-E has been developed as rapidly deployable installation in crisis situation to make unreliable surface water suitable for consumption. PWN and Norit developed the system in a response to the tsunami of 2004. The Perfector-E’s have been deployed in natural disasters on Sumatra in 2004 and 2009.

20100119bThe purification of the Perfector-E is based on a combination of membrane filtration and ultraviolet light. The membrane filter will remove any contamination from the water and the UV light provides the disinfection process.

The Perfector-E is compact, simple and mobile (250 kilos). The installation works both on a light aggregate of five kilowatts and 220 volts. The installation will generate two thousand liters of drinking water per hour. The Perfector-E does not use chemicals or other additives and is based on high technology and can run for three months without maintenance.